Become a Sponsor

EFHOH is always looking for new sponsors to support our work. A great deal of our funding consists of sponsorship money and we appreciate the support that we have received from different companies over the years. We are in constant interaction with our sponsors and willing to hear their ideas. Most of our sponsors are hearing aid manufacturers but we also welcome the support of other companies too.

EFHOH works in close co-operation with IFHOH (International Federation of Hard of Hearing People). EFHOH shares their sponsorship money with IFHOH on an equal basis: 50 percent to each organisation.  You can find more information about IFHOH from their website:

Interested in Sponsoring Us?

Gold Sponsorship

  • One annual advertisement in EFHOH’s and IFHOH’s newsletter
  • Your logo on both websites and a short description of the company
  • Cost: 3 000 €


  • Does not include any benefits
  • Cost: 1 500 €

Other Sponsorship Options

  • Sponsoring materials (brochures etc.)
  • Supporting an event
  • Project sponsoring

Please contact our secretary for more information. Email: